Not much happened in the last week.

Jeff Bezos has committed $10 billion to fund scientists, activists, NGO and others. On Monday, he said that he is giving the first $791 million to 16 groups. Grantees of the Bezos Earth Fund include the following recipients:

  • The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund, $43 million grant
  • ClimateWorks Foundation, $50 million grant
  • Dream Corps Green For All, $10 million grant
  • Eden Reforestation Projects, $5 million grant
  • Energy Foundation, $30 million grant
  • Environmental Defense Fund, $100 million grant
  • The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice, $43 million grant
  • Natural Resources Defense Council, $100 million grant
  • The Nature Conservancy, $100 million grant
  • NDN Collective, $12 million grant
  • Rocky Mountain Institute, $10 million grant
  • Salk Institute for Biological Studies, $30 million grant
  • The Solutions Project, $43 million grant
  • Union of Concerned Scientists, $15 million grant
  • World Resources Institute, $100 million grant
  • World Wildlife Fund, $100 million grant

The KKR Global Impact Fund has announced an investment in CMC Machinery. The Italian company is manufacturing automated packaging solutions. It is not entirely clear what the impact is except reducing raw materials used in the production process.

Commerz Real has launched an impact fund for private investors named Klimavest. They want to invest in real assets such as renewable energy generation, infrastructure and forestry. Many aspects are noteworthy. The fund is structured as an ELTIF (European Long Term Investment Fund), will run for 50 years and shares in the open-ended fund can be redeemed on a daily basis. The fund intends to have a portfolio valued at €25 billion, of which €10 billion are equity.