Each week we take a look at deals we have seen in this space. What we find interesting this week:

Kinder has raised €525,000 from angel investors. The name of the Amsterdam-based Kinder is a word play on Tinder and it wants to transform how donors chose charities. In total, they have raised €2.1 million to date. Link 1.Link 2.

Mamamade has raised €340,000 from angel investors. London-based Mamamade delivers healthy baby meals to parents. In a subscription model a bundle with 12 meals costs GBP 33. Link.

Credit Suisse launches an ocean engagement fund with Rockefeller Asset Management. It will be an equity fund with more details not being disclosed. Link.

AXA Investment Managers launches a multi-asset impact fund. They invest in securities with environmental and social impact and can invest in debt and equity. Link.

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