Each week we are taking a look at the deals we find interesting.

Deals Date Volume Description
Aumio 23.10.2020 Six-figure investment Zurich-based RaiseNow is managing the payments related to fundraising campaigns for 4,000 organizations. Up to now, they have processed 2.5 million transactions and a donation volume of over €300 million. Germans might be familiar with Altruja which is part of the group.
RaiseNow 23.10.2020 $6 million Leipzig-based Aumio is providing an app-based solution for children facing mental challenges.
Murfy 16.10.2020 €8 million The Paris-based company is offering a repair service for household appliances. A repair package for devices costs €75 and includes as many interventions as necessary. It also offers very detailed tutorial on how to repair the dishwasher or the washing machine.
Dryad Networks 09.10.2020 €1.8 million The Berlin-based company tries to digitize forest by setting up large-scale IoT networks. This should enable forest owners to detect wildfires earlier.
Ÿnsect 09.10.2020 $224 million The Amiens-based company is basically developing vertical insect farms which can provide high-quality protein for the fishing industry.
Meatless Farm 09.10.2020 €26.4 million The Leeds-based company was founded in 2016, launched its products in 2018 and has already raised €14.5 million in a previous round.
SkinVision 02.10.2020 not disclosed The Amsterdam-based company is providing an AI-based smartphone app for skin-related cancer detection.
Mosa Meat 02.10.2020 $55 million The Maastricht-based company is one of these new alternative meat companies. They are producing meat by growing cow cells.
Alenvi 25.09.2020 €2 million Paris-based Alenvi is innovating in the elderly care segment. It aims to build an organizational model built on autonomy and human bonds.
Infarm 25.09.2020 €144 million Berlin-based Infarm is an urban farming company. They are developing highly efficient indoor herbal farms and sell them to supermarkets. In the same week, Brazilian BeGreen has raised $3 million for a broadly comparable concept.
Green Monday Holdings 25.09.2020 $70 million The Hong Kong-based company is producing plant-based products. It is one of the companies building similar products such as Beyond Meat which has a market capitalization of $9.6 billion as of this week.
ShoppingGives 2020-09-18 $5.5 million The US-based company is offering retailers a service so that they can integrate donations in the customer journey. Customers can chose a cause and the retailer donates on behalf of the customer.
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp. 2020-09-18 $400-460 million Bridges Fund Management partnered with AEA investors to form a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). They are effectively raising $400-460 million in a public offering to buy one company they still need to identify in due course.
True Gum 2020-09-18 €1 million Copenhagen-based True Gum produces plastic-free and plant-based chewing gum.
Kinder 2020-09-11 €525,000 The name of the Amsterdam-based Kinder is a word play on Tinder and it wants to transform how donors chose charities. In total, they have raised €2.1 million to date.
Mamamade 2020-09-11 €340,000 London-based Mamamade delivers healthy baby meals to parents. In a subscription model a bundle with 12 meals costs GBP 33.