The European Center for Social Finance was created to help establish best practices and distribute knowledge in financing the provision of social services and social innovations. It works at the intersection of theory, practice and policy and views social finance as a process which encompasses among others selection criteria, financing structures and impact assessment. The Center is based at the Munich Business School and works with a network of partner organizations across Europe.


We are involved in a range of projects.


We do research on topics related to impact investing, social finance, social innovaiton as well as impact measurement and management.


We are working with social finance intermediaries across Europe on the latest issues related to creating social value.

Impact Investing

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the growing field of impact investing, exploring its market, financial instruments, and impact assessment, while providing valuable insights for academics, students, and practitioners.

CSR and Corporate Volunteering

This book provides a comprehensive overview of corporate volunteering in Germany, offering insights into the conditions, formats, and implementation of corporate volunteering projects, while serving as a practical guide for academics, professionals, and decision-makers interested in implementing these initiatives in their own companies.

AI & Blockchain for Social Impact

The book offers an accessible overview of AI and blockchain technologies, exploring their application in social enterprise and impact investing, while providing readers with case studies and student-friendly resources suitable for upper-level courses, researchers, and business professionals.