The European Center for Social Finance was created to help establish best practices and distribute knowledge in financing the provision of social services and social innovations. It works at the intersection of theory, practice and policy and views social finance as a process which encompasses among others selection criteria, financing structures and impact assessment. The Center is based at the Munich Business School and works with a network of partner organizations across Europe.

Technical Assistance

The European Center for Social Finance is providing technical assistance to social enterprise finance providers.

Research & Insights

Our research is based on academic rigour aimed at providing relevant and actionable insights to intermediaries.

Methods & Tools

We use established methods and tools to assess the social impact or to create investment and funding strategies.

Interesting events coming up

October 10-11: Impact Days in Vienna.

More workshops to be announced in the coming weeks. Topics will be Impact Measurement, Financing and Exit Strategies, Risk Management and Brand Strategies among others.

Reports and papers from the field

A new paper written by Paweł Mikołajczak is based on an impressive sample of 2,975 personal interviews with Polish foundations and associations. One interesting result is that public funds positively stimulate the commercialization of NGOs. Other results underline well-known financing conflicts. Link.

Deloitte developed in partnership with EVPA and GSEN an “Social Investment Leveraging Index – Investing for Impact in Central and Eastern Europe”. Indices are always a bit tricky but this report contains some insightful details about the sector in CEE. Link.

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