In the last 15 years we have worked on a number of publications. Below are some of those we 

Impact Investing

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the growing field of impact investing, exploring its market, financial instruments, and impact assessment, while providing valuable insights for academics, students, and practitioners.

CSR and Corporate Volunteering

This book provides a comprehensive overview of corporate volunteering in Germany, offering insights into the conditions, formats, and implementation of corporate volunteering projects, while serving as a practical guide for academics, professionals, and decision-makers interested in implementing these initiatives in their own companies.

AI & Blockchain for Social Impact

The book offers an accessible overview of AI and blockchain technologies, exploring their application in social enterprise and impact investing, while providing readers with case studies and student-friendly resources suitable for upper-level courses, researchers, and business professionals.

Social Investing: What matters

This article explores how social entrepreneurs evaluate social venture capital (SVC) investors, finding that reputation is the most crucial factor, with the positive influence of business advisory and network access outweighing the negative impacts of information and control rights, thus portraying SVC investors as stewards rather than principals.

Herausforderungen bei der Gründung und Skalierung von Sozialunternehmen

This final report summarizes findings on the challenges of founding and scaling social enterprises in Germany, offering insights and measures to improve the framework for their development.

On the nature of social business model innovation

This study identifies six types of social business model innovations—opportunity creation, smart distribution, ecosystem engineering, cheap sourcing, smart pricing, and inclusive production—through analysis of social innovation awards, offering an empirical review that enhances understanding of social business model innovation patterns globally.

What's in a name

This article examines impact investing and the ongoing conceptual challenges surrounding it, aiming to clarify the field by analyzing a wide range of academic and practitioner works, revealing areas of consistency and discrepancy in definitions, terminology, and strategies while identifying key issues that need resolution to advance the field's credibility.

The Butterfly Effect

This study examines how the micro-practices of academics and practitioners influence turning points in six academic-practitioner collaborations, revealing that seemingly minor actions can significantly shape collaborative trajectories, leading to a process model that illustrates how impactful cultures evolve slowly and cannot be attributed to singular events.

Social Enterprise Finance Market Analysis

This analysis identifies market gaps in social enterprise finance across Europe and provides recommendations for future EU-level financial instruments, aiming to guide the European Commission's investment strategy and support the development of the InvestEU Fund.

Collaborating in European Projects

This guide challenges conventional European project management by emphasizing the value of collaboration, providing practical solutions through insights on nudges, pushes, and shoves to improve practices, all while infusing humor into its approach.

Finance à Impact

The book explores the evolving field of impact finance, which seeks to maximize both financial returns and social/environmental impact, combining conceptual reflections and practical recommendations to demonstrate how this promising but complex form of finance can truly serve the common good.