At the core of all investment activities is the valuation of assets. The valuation is central to the success and sustainability of funds for two main reasons. High enterprise values negatively impact fund returns, while low enterprise values might lead to failed negotiations.

Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl will introduce the participants to valuation methodologies based on multiples and discounted cash flows (DCF). He will also share a template with the participants and go through the steps of building a valuation model for social enterprises.

Markus Freiburg will talk about valuation approaches in the second part of the workshop. He will share insights and examples based on more than 60 transactions which he helped to close as Managing Director of the Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship (FASE).


Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl works at the European Center for Social Finance, which delivers EaSI Technical Assistance services on behalf of the European Commission. He has an engineering background and started his career in investment banking. Wolfgang is active in the field of social finance since 2009. His current main interests are emerging new technologies and their intersection with social and environmental objectives.

Markus Freiburg is Founder & Managing Director of FASE (Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship). Over the last years, they have helped to close more than 60 transactions and mobilised more than €30 million. In addition, they have set up the European Social Innovation and Impact Fund (ESIIF) with a guarantee from the EIF.

Practical information

Date: March 28, 14:00 – 18:00 CET

Address: Online