The workshop will introduce participants to outcomes-based funding mechanisms in social finance. These financing instruments describe funding agreements that are based on outcomes achieved by the service providers (incl. social impact bonds, payment-by-results schemes, results-based financing). They often combine public and private funding to set up and deliver a service or a social program. The service or program is set out to achieve measurable outcomes, and the investors are repaid only if measurable outcomes are achieved.

The workshop will give an overview of different schemes and instruments, stakeholders, design, deal structuring and measurement and illustrate it on a practical example.


Barbara Scheck works at the European Center for Social Finance, which delivers EaSI Technical Assistance services on behalf of the European Commission. Barbara is the Professor for Entrepreneurship at Munich Business School and has been active in the field since 2007. Her work focuses on the financing of social enterprises, impact and mission-related investing and impact assessment.

Practical information

Date: 20.04.2022, 14:00-18:00 CET

Address: Online