Giulia Parola, project lead at the ECSF, recently had the opportunity to engage in StayOn knowledge-transfer workshop, hosted by the Polish Farm Advisory and Training Center in Warsaw and Łomża, Poland. The event took place over two insightful days, starting on September 25th. On the first day, the focus was on coaching, and the discussions were held at MANS, the International Academy of Applied Sciences in Łomża.

The program also included study visits to Park Tech Lomza, Inter Tech Zambrow, and the city of Łomża. The following day, on September 26th, project partners gathered to discuss topics such as impact management, the upcoming StayOn book, and strategies for mainstreaming project activities. The discussions, moderated by BB Consulting, were not only fruitful in terms of knowledge exchange but also fostered a wonderful atmosphere of friendship among participants. This event served as a platform for collaboration and shared learning, strengthening the bonds within the project consortium.