The European Erasmus Exchange Program for Young Entrepreneurs is an innovative initiative that offers new and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experienced businesspeople in other European countries. This program facilitates the exchange of experiences and skills essential for managing a small business. New entrepreneurs can gain practical knowledge and expand their business perspectives, while experienced entrepreneurs encounter fresh ideas and new business approaches.

Eligible participants include new entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business or whose business is not older than three years, as well as experienced entrepreneurs who own or manage a small or medium-sized enterprise in a participating country. The program boasts impressive figures: 11,685 entrepreneurial exchanges, 21,676 applications from new entrepreneurs, 13,085 applications from host entrepreneurs, and the involvement of 45 countries.

Participants in the program can collaborate for up to six months, with the European Commission supporting travel and accommodation costs. This collaboration offers not only practical insights into business life but also the opportunity to explore new markets and promote international cooperation. New entrepreneurs benefit from a type of on-the-job training, while experienced entrepreneurs gain innovative ideas and specific knowledge they may not yet have. Many host entrepreneurs report such positive experiences with the exchange that they wish to host young entrepreneurs again in the future.

The program is funded by the European Commission and organized by local contact points such as chambers of commerce and startup centers in the participating countries. Coordination at the European level is carried out by the program’s support office.

In summary, the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs is a crucial pillar for the European economy, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences. It contributes to the creation of a dynamic and innovative business environment that lays the foundation for future entrepreneurial successes.

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